This is a British brand of cigarettes, currently owned and manufactured by Imperial Tobacco. it remains the biggest selling premium cigarette brand in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the North of England. 


Originally released as Embassy Regal Filter in 1969, the brand became very popular and was a coupon cigarette until around 1999.

Regal is classed as a “premium” brand cigarette and one of the most expensive. Available in the United Kingdom. they are available in king-size and regular filter sizes.

In the 1990s, Imperial Tobacco launched an advertising campaign. This featured an everyman named Reg who offered his dad-humor insights on various subjects.

The first ad read, “Reg on Smoking: I smoke ’em because my name’s on ’em.” As he held his fingers over the ‘al’ on the brand name.

Imperial Tobacco claimed that Reg did not encourage children to smoke, as the character was viewed as “repulsive and far from cool”.


Available in the following varieties:


  • King size
  • Filter

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