Maverick (originally branded as Harley Davidson), is an American brand of cigarettes, currently owned and manufactured by ITG Brands, a subsidiary of Imperial Tobacco.


Mavericks were initially introduced on a limited basis in 1986 and branded as Harley Davidson cigarettes by the Lorillard Tobacco Company.

Lorillard had the right to continue marketing the cigarettes under the Harley Davidson brand until 2001. However, they rebranded them as Maverick in 1998.

In order to comply with FDA regulations, Mavericks’ former owner, Lorillard, had until June 22, 2010, to rebrand tobacco products marketed as “Lights”, “Ultra-Lights”, “Medium”, “Mild”, “Full Flavor”, or similar designations.

In May 2015, R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company bought the Lorillard Tobacco Company and the brand was included in the package.

Packs of Maverick cigarettes regularly come in 20 Class-A cigarettes. Mavericks can be bought in both hard and soft packs. As well as in king-size (85 mm) or long (100 mm).


  • Full Flavor Kings
  • Full Flavor 100s
  • Gold Kings (previously Lights)
  • Gold 100s (previously Lights)
  • Silver 100s (previously Ultra Lights)
  • Menthol Kings
  • Menthol 100s
  • Menthol Gold 100s (previously Menthol Lights)
  • Menthol Silver 100s (previously Menthol Ultra Light)

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