Manitou is made from 100% U.S.-grown whole-leaf flue-cured tobacco and water. From the very beginning, they made sure that using top-quality tobacco along with their processing technology is meant to be Manitou’s most distinguishing feature and would set them apart from the rest of the premium cigarette brands. they are convinced that their U.S.-grown flue-cured tobacco delivers a pleasurable smoking experience.


All the flue-cured tobacco used to make Manitou comes from members of the U.S. Tobacco Cooperative (USTC), located in the southeastern United States.

The highly valued uniqueness of the leaf comes from the climate, the soil, and how the crop is grown, harvested, and cured. The U.S. flue-cured crop is the most sustainable and socially responsible tobacco crop in the world.

The U.S. flue-cured crop that Manitou comes from is produced by the most qualified, best-trained growers on privately owned family farms that meet strict government standards. Deforestation is a non-issue on our farms since production is done under sustainable conditions. 

With Manitou, we know that more and more smokers will choose their products and brands based on issues important to them, such as the impact on the environment, reduction of the sourcing footprint, and consideration for the planet and its people.

To make Manitou a uniquely premium product, their state-of-the-art production facility in North Carolina uses only the finest whole leaf flue-cured tobacco, picked from the upper stalk position of the plant, which offers the best flavor experience.

The process generally takes about a week. This method produces tobacco that is high in sugar and has medium to high levels of nicotine



  • Tobacco Blend No.5 – Smooth Mellow Taste
  • Tobacco Blend No.6 – Rich Smooth Mellow Taste
  • Tobacco Blend No.7 – Mellow Taste
  • Tobacco Blend No.8 – Rich Mellow Taste
  • Tobacco Blend No.9 – Balanced Taste
  • Tobacco Blend No.10 – Dark Rich Mellow Taste

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