Eve Cigarettes are an American brand of cigarettes. Currently owned and manufactured by the Liggett Group in the United States. Outside of the U.S, Philip Morris International is the manufacturer of the brand.


Eve was launched in 1971 as competition for rival Philip Morris corporation’s Virginia Slims brand as a cigarette targeted at the growing women’s market. Virginia Slims is a brand marketed specifically to women. Were aimed at women who identified themselves as liberated, independent, and modern. Eves were aimed at women content to be feminine.

In the 20th century, both the Eve cigarettes themselves and the packages containing them featured a floral design. This prompted some ads to describe the cigarette as having “Flowers on the outside, the flavor on the inside”. As of 2002, the floral pattern has been replaced by butterflies, an updated graphic that appears less old-fashioned and would appeal to younger audiences.


Eve cigarettes used very feminine art and marketing, starting with the cigarette itself which was long and slim. And originally 100mm but increased its length to 120mm within two years, in order to be more readily identified with the feminine ideals of slimness and length. The packages were decorated with flowers to look feminine and fashionable, specifically signifying that this was a lady’s cigarette, as well as to catch the eye of consumers.

The advertising approach was to make Eve appear to be a beautiful cigarette which made the woman who chose to smoke Eves more attractive, creating a sense of appeal to feminine vanity. Accordingly, the objective was to capture the market share from other brands, particularly other brands targeted at women, and to recruit non-smokers, suggesting that an Eve smoker is more attractive than a woman who did not smoke.


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