Double Happiness



Double Happiness (simplified Chinese: 红双喜; traditional Chinese: 紅雙喜; pinyin: Hóngshuāngxǐ) is a Chinese brand of cigarettes. Currently owned and manufactured in Mainland China by the Shanghai Tobacco Corporation. Outside China, the brand is owned in different countries by Nanyang Brother Tobacco Company, Sumatra Tobacco Trading Company, and CTBAT International Ltd (a joint venture between China Tobacco and BAT Plc.) It is one of the oldest Chinese cigarette brands currently on the market.


Double Happiness was launched in Hong Kong in 1906 by Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Company. And has been one of the most influential cigarette brands in China. In its early days it was known as Happydays in English, but its Chinese name, which means literally “Red Double Happiness”, has never changed. After the Communist Party of China won the Chinese Civil War and established the People’s Republic of China, Nanyang Brothers was nationalized in two stages: first partly in 1951 and then completely in 1959. The “Double Happiness” brand is now owned in Mainland China by the state-owned Shanghai Tobacco Corporation.


In China, the brand, with its yellow and red packaging, evokes tradition, good luck, and high status. Because it is culturally iconic and one of the most expensive brands, it is highly popular as a gift during the Lunar New Year and at weddings. During the 1980s and 1990s, this brand of cigarettes played an unexpected role in Chinese weddings: the bride had to light a cigarette for every man attending the wedding banquet as a token of gratitude. After the 2000s, this custom slowly started to disappear, most likely due to the health hazards that smoking can cause.


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This traditional high-quality product of flue-cured tobacco. Their fragrant smell and mellow taste are classified as “national famous cigarettes” and “Shanghai famous trademarks”. This brand of cigarettes has gradually formed a series of products with different tar content of 15mg, 11mg, and 8mg.

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