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The need for cheap cigarettes UK has been on the rise lately. Several Brits looking at how to get the cheapest cigarettes prices available in the UK markets.

To all our prospective clients in the UK looking to buy cheap cigarettes UK, we are happy to be of immense Service to you. QuickieCiggie is not just stationed in the US serving the American market, but rather, we are an International company doing business worldwide. If you living in the UK and are wondering how possible it is for us to serve you, the answer is as how soon do you want your order?

Since we are now located out in the UK, particular in London, it is now very easy and faster for us to handle clients in the UK and Europe in general. 

If you are in the UK and are looking for where to buy all your favorite brand of authentic premium British made cigarettes at cheap cigarettes UK prices such as Benson & Hedges or Davidoff, just know QuickieCiggie is home for you. We have all you favorite brands of cigarettes with all their numerous flavors. offers the best cheap cigarettes UK prices, our cigarettes are sold for as cheap 22 – 25 GBP for brands like, Dunhill and Benson & Hedges, all of these cigarettes are delivered to you fresh from manufacturers who give us for the best possible prices so we can be able to sell to you at the best price available.

We understand that there are a lot of other people out there claiming to offer this service, we will have to advise you to be very careful, as all that glitters isn’t gold. We are proud to claim that there’s none out there that’ll supply you these products for the prices at which are available on our platform and have them delivered in the time in which we can.

We have two modes of deliveries for all orders, standard delivery which is free and takes 3 days delivery time maximum and express delivery for those who can’t wait and want their order delivered almost immediately, this takes 24 hours maximum, at a 4 GBP charge per carton.

And if your order is damaged in and way please kindly complain to us upon reception and we will make sure we reship your order with an extra bonus.

Don’t just read, click on our SHOP and start an amazing journey with us.


Still smoking, yea? You’re not alone. That’s right, so are about 45 million other Americans. So you don’t really have to quit or to want to, especially if you are going to keep lighting up, at least make sure your money doesn’t go up in smoke like the cigarettes you’d be smoking. So it’ll be good to know where to find the cheapest carton of cigarettes near me for any smart smoker.

The prices of cigarette per state vary between $5.25 and $12.85 per pack which is $52.5 and $128.5 per carton. With 200 cigarettes per carton for a carton of 10 packs, this ranges between $.26 and $.64 per cigarette. Which we all can unanimously agree that is quite expensive.

The average cost for a carton of cigarettes across all states is $69.6 per carton or an average of $.35 per cigarette. Exactly seventeen states have cigarette prices that fall above this average, and the other 23 states have prices below this average. This means that some states tend to have higher cigarette prices than lower. So this makes it very expensive for a smoker to effectively and efficiently keep up with their comfortable habit of smoking.

This therefore means that no matter where you are in the US and irrespective of what you smoke, the prices of cigarettes in your local store are comparatively higher when compared with cigarettes prices online. So quit the search for where to buy the cheapest carton of cigarettes near me. Come on and join our ever growing family at QuickieCiggie. We offer the cheapest carton of cigarettes you’ll ever find.

Click here to discover the cheapest carton of cigarettes prices for all your favorite brands of cigarettes you’ll find on the world wide web, with all their different blends and sizes, such as the king size and superslims. Also we have the fastest and most efficient shipping Service, with delivery as quick as the very next day.


Quick delivery and good service are some of the most commendable things about us, reason we even named our Company QuickieCiggie which actual stands for our mission, Delivering Cigarettes quickly. We at QuickieCiggie at make it easy to get cigarettes online free shipping by default when you shop with us, because we have managed to include this very little cost into the cost of cheap online cigarettes. You only get to pay an extra delivery cost when you need your order delivered almost immediately.

One of the most amazing things about shopping with us at is the fact that we offer free standard cigarettes online free shipping for all client orders. We offer two types of shipping options, standard shipping is free for all orders globally, it takes 3 days for orders within the US and 7 working days for all orders to other parts of the globe, also we have the express delivery option which takes 24 hours for orders within the US and 3 working days maximum for orders out of the US.

Cigarette online free shipping option has been around for a minute now we at QuickieCiggie are not the first or only ones offering such service but we proud to say we are the fastest and the safest to order with. Our expert online service grants you 24 hour report to you order everyday till it gets to you, even though we aren’t the ones shipping but we are always in direct communication with our delivery partners and they are always responsive to our clients and emails promptly.

As a matter of fact immediately after payment has been successful made and confirmed by our finance officer we immediately, start process your order for quick delivery as fast as possible. Once your order has been packed are ready for delivery are delivery partners are called to come are pick up all available orders at the time, once this is done they then register all orders are tracking numbers are sent for all client orders. With this clients can easily track their orders to know the locate and state in which they are in. Within the above mentioned time frame your order must have been delivered to you right at your doorstep.

If upon reception of your order, your order has been damaged or tampered with in any way or you receive the wrong or maybe an incomplete order or any other queries, you guarantee to pay for all damages and make sure we do you a reshipment of you order with an additional bonus to make up for the inconveniences.

In the case where you want to cancel your order, you are advised to do this within 24 hours, failure to do this in time will result to further complications, since your order must have already been shipped and your order should be at your door in no time. 

So please whenever think of getting cigarettes online free shipping from a reliable source, think for an amazing experience.

The Convenience of Buying Cigarettes Online

Are you already tired of all the rising value of smokes, the taxes and the surcharges about them? Then, here comes the superior thing for people that love smoking, and at the same time tend not to want to dry out their pockets for the sake of their pleasures. Right now you have an option of buying your favorite brand of cigarettes online by some one of the highest retailers and save a lot of money.

Technological advancements and gadgets have significantly shifted the lifestyle so much that you can sit at the comfort of  your home and dictate the newest of cigarettes fabricated from the top businesses on the planet in only a click of your mouse. You’re given the option of deciding on producer from using their region. By acquiring your cigarettes online, you are going to go through the world class support, to find the best possible price available out there.

Acquiring Cigarettes Online

Buying smokes on the web does not restrict one into many brands, so you’re given using all the best brands of smokes available around the globe including the Camel, Marlboro, Winston Cigarettes, Parliament, Newport, Davidoff and others. Since they are tax and duty free you’ll them at really cheap prices than you imagined. Buying cheap cigarettes online does not imply that you are going to soon be compromising on the quality. Buying cheap smokes on the internet can satisfy even the most demanding customer. You may secure the factory fresh and also the best tobacco at your door step. Both generic and superior cigarettes are available on the web. Cigarettes are accessible at reduction just like any other online solutions.

Every step will be taken by the websites which sell inexpensive cigarettes online, to protect your data. Whenever you get smokes online, the majority of time, the transaction is made through your charge card. So with the rising amount of hackers who are awaiting hawks to receive your information, these online vendors have obtained all of the probable measures to guard their consumer’s specifics. You are able to also purchase the smokes on the web e checks and get discounts that are amazing.

Learn A Reliable Retailer Getting Chinese Cigarettes On The Web For Chinese Individuals in the United States

We found various of Chinese cigarettes in the USA market. We know the Chinese people are addicted to cigarette smoking. One of many best items about 美国买烟 is that it supplies Chinese people that you can easily browse through and set your orders.

We are aware you can find a number of online sites offered in Oriental cigarettes to Oriental people who are in the USA. 

While if you are looking for where to buy cigarettes online, then check out QuickieCiggie also known as QC ( the number 1 online cigarettes store with the fastest delivery time. We offer you the option to buy cigarettes online via our website, chat panel or by calling our team directly. We have a large selection of cigarettes available to buy online, our brands include Marlboro, Camel, Benson & Hedges and a lot more. 


In recent years, prices of tobacco products, including cigarettes have been increased too often. This is as a result of the huge tax being levied over all tobacco goods by many states in US. Besides, increase in cigarette prices are as well prompted by chains of several billions of dollar suits filed against cigarettes makers. Smart  smokers have come to realize that discount cigarettes online is an easy and more cheaper way of acquiring cheap cigarettes. Discount cigarettes is now a familiar phrase among the regular customers of premium products including Marlboro, Parliament, Camel and even Winston cigarettes and a lot more comprise of our extensive product list of well discounted cigarettes online.

Due to the availability of discount cigarettes online, the prospective smokers can now buy cigarettes at very cheap prices. Displayed on our website at  you’ll several different premium cigarettes as well as other tobacco products at ridiculously discounted prices. This is because cigarettes sold online benefit from tax exemption. On the other hand, discount cigarettes online websites refuse from supplying cigarettes to some placed as a result of too harsh laws being imposed on online sales, but not us though, no matter what the situation is in your location we try our utmost best to make sure we serve you.

Generally speaking, any online cigarettes retailers who promote discount cigarettes online obviously functions from those states that levy minimum taxes on cigarettes. This implies that it is easier for them to supply cheapest cigarettes with best quality.

The entire websites promoting discount cigarettes online headline always includes a footnote guaranty full security of the buyer’s personal details. Some smokers can be worried about the chances of the Federal or State Agencies trailing them to pay taxes. Nevertheless, usually local taxes are not imposed on online cigarette sales. All the ordered cigarettes by website are always delivered by mail.

Finally, cheap cigarettes are real and lawful. It’s wrong to consider that we or other online tobacco vendors do underground production that is unlawful or even dangerous than the official retailers. Online stores are often into wholesale trading; this implies that the more you buy the cheaper price you get. Simply glance through the small World Wide Window and request your cigs order and when you want to take that step think Having made your payment via your credit card, in no time the parcel with standard and service will deliver at your door step. In case you want to cancel your order, you must do this within 24 hours, otherwise the request may not be granted because your order must have already been on its way. We at always try to make sure our clients order for our discount cigarettes are delivered in 3 days for orders within the US and 7 working days for orders out of the US say Asia, Europe or Africa. 


The sole purpose for the creation of our shop was to sell cheap cigarettes online if not the cheapest cigarettes prices you’ll ever get to find. So its safe to say we aim at being the cheapest online tobacco shop. We offer discount and cheap cigarettes online. Buy Cheap cigarettes!

Let the aspect of cheap cigarettes not fool you to think this is too good to be true and you get to pass on this beautiful offer on the skepticism of product quality. The cigarettes offered are not cheap in quality and flavor! We sell most premium, exclusive and generic cigarettes online, at cheap cigarette online prices.

As a smoker, you would like to get Good Service, Fast Online Cigarettes Delivery and the Best Prices. 

At Quckieciggie we can guarantee and assure you of getting all the listed above services, while ordering cheap cigarettes online from us. Making an order on Quickieciggie.Com is so easy. We offer a great range of cigarettes like Marlboro cigarettes such as Marlboro Red, Lights, Ultra Lights and and many, many other branded cigarettes. Our prices for prominent Marlboro cigarettes are incomparable to the other online-stores. That is why our prices for Marlboro are unbeatable.

The cigarettes, we carry, are of super genuine quality brands. We do not offer damaged or stale cigarettes. You can buy cheap cigarettes online via our store in a confidential manner. As a customer, you will be satisfied with the wide range of our products as well as low, accessible prices and great customer services. In case of any arising difficulties with the delivery you will get a full refund for the whole product price.

Nothing can be simpler for you if you like some specific tobacco brand and decided to submit an order online! First choose the brand, hit the button, and select the preferred flavor, then click “Add to Cart”. Your cigarettes will be added to your shopping cart immediately.

We use Secure Server as the method of payment security. All the data and information gathered by the Website will not be shared but protected. Please read carefully our Privacy Policy for detailed information. 

Thank you for your visiting, discovering and making purchases on We really appreciate your precious time!


Millions of internet users browse the web daily for various reason. And so many people are looking for one thing or the other to buy, for those out there searching for the best place to buy cigarettes online QuickieCiggie should be your one and only destination.

Best Place to Buy Cigarettes Online -
Best Place to Buy Cigarettes Online –

Please permit us express why we are the best place to buy cigarettes online from; is the number go to shop for all smoker looking for premium cigarettes and an amazing shopping experience. 

We are a well trusted online cigarettes store bent on serving our clients with nothing but the best. We have a wide array of production options, different taste and blends. E.g Marlboro Red, Gold, double clicks and so, we have them all, just stop by anytime and discover our vast product list in cheap cigarettes and  other smoking accessories.

At QuickieCiggie we do not only give you an exceptional service in customer experience but we try to make sure our clients get nothing but the best in product quality as well. 

Our website’s interface is swift and easy to use, giving our customers a quick and smooth shopping experience every time the land on our page.

We have a very experience, efficient and proactive task force who are determined at guaranteeing customer satisfaction at all cost no matter what the difficulty is.

Our clients are guaranteed of 24 hour help from our sales assistance. is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. At no point are we unavailable, even on holidays we still try as much as possible to make sure customer queries are heard and tended to.

We understand how important it is for smokers to have their cigarettes and most especially on time, so we try for delivery to be as prompt as it be. We have two delivery options, either standard delivery which is free for all clients and takes 3 to 5 working days or express delivery which cost $5 per carton and delivery takes 24 hours maximum.

So if you are amongst the lot that is still pondering on where is the best place to buy cigarettes online, give us the opportunity to treat you like the kings and queens that you are

Marlboro Gold taste better as Marlboro Light cigarettes?

According to smokers who have switched from the previous packaging to the new ones, here are some reviews of the Marlboro Gold cigarettes; the all-white cigarette box with an inverted V tastes excellent as per its name. The Marlboro light that has now changed to gold is better in taste than any other brands. The Marlboro gold is more expensive than the earlier Marlboro lights. However, you can Buy Marlboro Gold online to save money on taxes.

Despite the change of name, smokers still find the taste of the cigarettes better than any other brands available in the market. The Marlboro cigarettes burn very well as compared to other brands. They also give a good amount of smoke that is not overpowering and does not pollute the air in the room. The design is new and sleek and is one of the best cigarettes brands.

Furthermore, the cigarettes are better in quality due to its less chemical content than other brands. Although it is an expensive brand, you can Buy Marlboro Gold cigarettes online and save money on taxes.

Where can you buy cigarettes online? Duty-free stores are more significant than any retail outlets in the world. Moreover, you can buy a whole range of cigarettes including the exclusive ones in a duty-free shop. Before understanding the advantages of a duty-free store, let’s explore the perspective advantage of buying Marlboro cigarettes at a competitive price.

The real Marlboro Cigarette cost price

By this method, we came to the finding that it takes $1.20 to produce a carton of Marlboro brand cigarettes in the United States, while the very same carton retails for $7.00 before tax! This tells us that cigarette production is probably the most profitable legal business in the world!

Where to buy cigarettes online?

QuickieCiggie online cigarettes ready to order at a discount price by Unfortunately, Marlboro Marijuana is still not available. Fresh crispy Tobacco and Marlboro cigarettes are indeed possible.

When the company starts distributing Marlboro M, it will be an excellent opportunity to get high-quality recreation marijuana. Consumer thinking Philip Morris as a big Tobacco producer known for enhancing on quality. Users assured that the pot they are getting is of the right quality. The users will also know that the marijuana prepared professionally and as a result cannot cause harm. Therefore, soon it will be possible to get Marlboro marijuana conveniently and straightforwardly.

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