QuickieCiggie.com makes it easy to buy cheap cigarettes online fast shipping to your doostep quilcky and safe.

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To escape extortive prices of cigarettes and enjoy the same cigarettes for less..

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Steps to buy cheap cigarettes online

We focus on creating clean, modern & responsive interfaces that not only look good but also work great.

Digital Strategy

1. Find your desired online cigarette store by making relevant inquiries on the internet or by choosing from one of the ones listed in this article below.

Responsive Design

2. Sign up on the website of your desired and chosen online cigarette merchant, update your shipping information, and contact details for delivery purposes.


3. Browse through the list of cigarettes listed for sale on the website and make your choice accordingly, add the chosen cigarettes to cart, and check out immediately.


4. On the Checkout page, pay via your credit card info, bitcoin or Bank wire you can as well make payment via any payment method which is supported by the merchants.

Saas Apps

5. Choose your shipping method and the preferred delivery address, submit your order, and patiently wait for your cigarette to be delivered to your doorstep.

UI / UX design

6. Choose your shipping method and the preferred delivery address, submit your order, and patiently wait for your cigarette to be delivered to your doorstep.

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The Company

We all know very well it is always advantageous to buy anything in bulk. This allows you to be able to get better prices on the deal. 

Typically Quickie Ciggie a wholesale group but in recent years we decided to try and satisfy the retail market due to popular demand. We have the best prices in the market, this we are confident about. So why not get even cheaper prices from us with a bulk order?

When you buy cigarettes in bulk with us you get exclusive offers such as express worldwide delivery. So what are you still waiting for? Order some cigarette master cases with us today.


Customers Experiences

“Best place to buy cheap cigarettes by the caton I have ever seen”

New York – USA

“These guys made my bulk cigarette purchase easier and faster for a great price”

London – UK

“The reliability of this store is fabulous and is very quick in delivery.”

Arizona – USA

Save Money on Cigarettes in 2022


With the current global inflation it is only right for you to find better ways to save your money for rainy days.

  1. Getting Started

    We offer the cheapest cigarettes prices on the internet. Acquired from Big Tobacco such as Philip Morris.

  2. High Quality Design

    Also we have the most extensive product list on cigarettes. And it keeps growing.

  3. Fully Visual Builder

    Not to mention we are the quickest in cigarettes delivery worldwide. Our delivery is swift and secure. Delivered to your doorstep.


Our FAQs

Checkout some of the most asked questions from our customers worldwide.

Where are these cigarettes made?

All Cigarettes listed on our platform are made in the United States.


How long is shipping?

Standard delivery is free and takes 3 days maximum. Express delivery is as good next day.


Which carrier do you ship with?

We use several carriers, such as, UPS, FedEx, DHL and so. Also we have other well trusted discreet delivery partners.


Are these cigarettes fresh?

All our cigarettes are freshly delivered from manufacturers. So 100% fresh.


How much is a carton?

We have a flat price on all our products. $30 per carton.


How much is shipping?

Standard shipping is free. Express shipping cost $5 per carton.


How much are taxes?

There are no taxes to worry about. All state taxes are taken care of.


Why pay as friends and family?

To avoid taxes on the purchase and save money.

What is the minimum order?

5 cartons a total of $150.00


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